A Crash Republic – “Overture” Official Teaser Video

A Crash Republic

A Crash Republic was started by Nick Tello and Andrew Sullivan in a suburb right outside of Boston while still in middle school. After various band and style variations ranging from hardcore to pop punk, as well as countless songs ranging from mediocre to the ones deemed worthy of being released on the debut EP, they decided to keep the original name from when the band first formed in 2008. In 2012 Nick went off to New York to attend NYU for Music Technology and Andrew stayed in Boston to study Music Production at Berklee. After graduating, Nick moved back and decided to pursue ACR. The two recruited Steve Rehm, a talented musician from South Boston, to play drums on the debut EP which was recorded at The Record Co in Boston. Steve later joined the band and became ACR’s first consistent drummer. Their style has been described by many as similar to Green Day, Dropkick Murphys (some of whom are also from Milton, Massachusetts), and Say Anything (after which a lot of vocal style and lyrical inspiration was drawn). Since both Steve and Andrew are more influenced by metal, the musicianship in the band is unique for a pop punk band while Nick’s songwriting and lyricism gives the band’s dynamic and playability a consistent direction.

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