Blank Side – “Fire” Official Music Video

Blank Side

Starting off in Winter of 2010, Blank Side was formed by Donald Shameless and Moses Crist. Each played guitar, with Moses taking the lead vocal role as well. This incarnation jammed garages and practice spaces for a year and a half before finally settling on a bassist and drummer, playing their first show in July of 2011.
The years that followed featured a revolving door of musicians and dozens of local shows. Blank Side has released four EP’s since 2012, the last two releases consisting of their current members. In recent years, the band has traveled to play various south Texas cities, as well as opening locally for bands like The Queers and The Freeze.
The band’s sound started off as if conflicted, split down the middle between straight forward hardcore punk reminiscent of earl 80’s acts like The Germs or Jerry’s Kids, with the other half of their tunes clearly influenced by the more melodic 90’s wave of pop punk. By the time the ‘Etheric’ EP was released, they had taken a turn in the direction of powerviolence, now including more blast beats and breakdowns in their musical toolbox. With their latest singles, including “Ringworm”, the band aspires to combine both, their brutal and melodic sides, often taking the listener on a journey across nearly their entire spectrum of influences in under three minutes.

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