Hitting Subset – “Swim” A BlankTV World Premiere!

Hitting Subset

Hitting Subset was formed under the idea that anything is attainable if you keep moving forward. Comprised of individuals from various musical projects at the end of 2011, when the world was believed to be coming to an end, Hitting Subset had just begun. Seeing a disconnect between the pop/punk scene and the post hardcore scene in Austin, the band formed a new sound hoping to bridge the gap and show listeners the best of both worlds. The vocals are edgy yet controlled, while the lyrics are deep and meaningful. The guitar work leads you on a journey from start to finish with some not-so-typical chords and time signature changes that keep you guessing and wanting more. The bass is present and full bringing you that steady rhythm, occasionally even taking complete control of the melody with some face-melting licks. The drums, not to be out-done by any means, are the driving force. Setting the tone from the beginning, the drums are loud and proud and bring the energy. Hitting Subset will grab you and take you on.

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