BLZBVB – “Immortal” Official Music Video


Blacker than Black Satanic Trap straight from the depths of Hell; Introducing BLZBVB, your new favourite Demon Rapper!

Greetings, Mortalz!!

The time has come to take back this planet from the clutches of those at the top of the pyramid and usher in the dawn of a new age, using the most powerful force known… MUSIC.

I am BLZBVB, spawned from the flaming pits of Hell and here on earth to bring you a new mix of Satanic, Black Metal-inspired Trap and Hip Hop. Dark, supernatural imagery and content spliced with huge bass lines and Trap beats mixed with hints of Black and Death Metal is what you’re going to get, with no mercy.

Currently I am putting a diverse mixtape together to hopefully be ready by the end of this year, but until then it would please me, The Demon, and Lord Lucifer himself if you would find time to check out my debut release, ‘IMMORTAL,’ and the accompanying music video filmed in my current location of (where else) HELLsinki, Finland.

I am your worst nightmare, but also your saviour. May the Dark Forces be forever in your favour,


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