Cleaver – “Let Me Fly” Official Music Video


Cleaver is an alternative rock band, formed in Santiago, Chile during the year 2011. They released their first album called ‘Illusion’ in 2013 generating a very good impression not only in Chile, but in other countries of the region too, which allowed them to be played in many different radios, webzines and also making several presentations around the country.
At the end of 2016, Cleaver releases their second record called ‘Hear the Silence’, produced by their own frontman, Carlos Cleaver and Felipe Leghton at SoundNation Studios.

Currently Cleaver is promoting this new album which has had very good reviews from national and international press. This record was nominated to several awards as “Best Record 2016”, for example, Premios Escuchar, Dr Rock & Roll Awards, Pulsar, among others. Some tracks of the album have been played in radios as “Radio Futuro”, “Todos Juntos radio”, “YoZ”, etc.

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