Duo Raise – “No Do Not” Official Music Video

Duo Raise

DUO RAISE is a Bulgarian music band formed in 2010 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria by family Krasimir and Daniela Dimov. Over the years the band had numerous appearances, the most remarkable are their participation to the final in music format Singing families broadcast in Slavi’s TV Show in 2014. In the same year they also participated at the global format The Voice of Bulgaria, broadcast on Bulgarian National Television BTV. Besides the original music, the band has more than 300 cover hits in its repertoire in the following styles rock, pop rock, pop, country, gospel, blues, jazz. Their most successful original song is called FRIEND, which became a Hit song of 2016 by the Bulgarian National Radio! In 2017 the band will finish their own album called ‘Changed’.

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