Godvlad – “Virtual Seams (A New Dimension)” Official Music Video


Raised from power and melody, Godvlad was founded by Sérgio Carrinho and Hugo Ribeiro in 2006 starving to make an intense music project driven by feeling without boundaries or limits from nothing or anyone. It was time to complete the band with a full line up.

Vanessa Cabral is the chosen singer with her beautiful melodic singing and exotic look. Virtuoso guitarist Lino Vinagre and Paulo Martins on keys and synths.

In 2009 the band recorded a 4-song demo which received excellent worldwide feedback from specialized media and metal fans alike.

Finally Nuno Fontes stepped in to replace Sérgio on guitars making the Godvlad team complete and ready for world domination to help raise the bar for Portuguese metal.

Together with Audioplay Records they kicked off their debut album live, proving themselves worthy of all venues and recognised as one of the best Portuguese Metal representatives.

In 2014, the band released their long awaited second studio album called ‘Bipolar’ which got some great feedback from the fans.

Due to personal situations, Lino Vinagre had to leave the band in 2015. Pedro Miranda stepped in to fill the position as lead guitarist just in time to record the new EP ‘Dark Streets of Heaven’, which marks Godvlad’s third studio release and continues to be a natural evolution of the band with powerful riffs, mesmerizing melodies with more complex patterns.

In 2018, Godvlad releases their fourth studio album entitled ‘Delusional Dimensions’. It’s the first album with all male vocals. Godvlad will be supporting the album live throughout 2019.

Welcome to GODVLAD!

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