Letsopa – “No Lie” Malgas Entertainment – Official Music Video


Letsopa was born Sello Morabe on the 21st of September 1992. He was influenced into music by listening to hip-hop and rnb, though he had love for Tshepe movement started by Ba2cada. In the 2005, his interest in music grew stronger, at the tender age of 13; he started writing lyrics and copying and imitating hip-hop artist on the radio.
It was not until 2015 when he was introduced to FL Studio DAW that his obsession took over him. He would spend the whole day and night working on beats.
He worked with lot of Kroonstad producers including Billy, Henecy, Chillar and many other up and coming producer.
His big break came when he joins Malgas Entertainment in 2016, when he got the freedom to express himself.

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