Luke Mbang – “A Love Like You” Official Music Video

Luke Mbang

I was born in 1984 in Cameroon from Christian parents who were already pastors at the time (Jaques and Christine Mbang).
• At the age of 13 my dad sent me to a guitar school in in Yaounde Cameroon (Sky Music academy) where I completed a first Module in guitar.
• By the age of 14 I started playing the guitar in church and by 18 I went back to Sky Music academy to complete a second module in guitar.
• By the time I got to the university I was very involved with the choir in church, later on I joined a campus ministry in Cameroon by the name of AFECAM (Academy Fellowship Cameroon).
• A few weeks after I was made the music director of AFECAM in the branch of University of Yaounde II.
• I was music director for over two, during those two years I lead everything that was related to music in the forum and I also performed with the choir every Sunday and Wednesday.
• A few years later when I was out of the university I started a band that I called Harmony, we performed at Weddings, Church services and other Christian events to which we were invited.
• Performing with Harmony went on for close to two years until I moved to the town of Douala still in Cameroon.

• In Douala I fellowshipped in Light House Chapel from 2013 and a few months after I joined the church I was put in charge of praise and worship, I led the praise and worship team during rehearsals and in every meeting for close to two years.

• I released my first album this year (2016) titled ‘Intimacy’ motivated an encounter with God that changed my life forever, and now I have the passion to bring the Gospel, to bring healing to people across the world through the means of Healing Music.

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