The Recipe – “Bandana” Official Music Video

The Recipe

Initially, The Recipe began as a project designed to bring talented Hip Hop artists in the United Arab Emirates together to record a compilation album and help promote the culture. As the project grew and began generating regional interest, the collective began receiving invites to perform at live events. Upon completion of the mixtape the collective launched the project under the name “The Recipe” with a sold out event, the first Hip Hop show headlined by regional artists.

The Recipe would eventually evolve into an independent label acting as a vehicle to launch solo projects from members such as Young Vaughn’s “New School Cool,” and Perfect Storm’s “The Calm Before”, Kaz Money’s “The Ridicule/ The Opposition” as well as Swerte’s “The Quicktape” series. They have also released multiple mixtapes as a group.

Today, The Recipe is a group that consists of 3 MC’s working on an official studio album while continuing to perform and push the boundaries of regional hip hop achievements.

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