Vulture – “Now I Know” Official Music Video


Vulture have been leaving behind an autobiography with their work, which started being documented in 2008. This new work is the result of eleven years together and marks a turning point in their career and personal lives. “Now I know” describes an inebriated simplicity, natural to an intoxicated and delusional state of mind which so well defines this resigned and individualist population who prefers to keep the appearances rather than facing difficult changes.
Unfortunately the inspiration for this project has been negative and charged with despair. A parallel narrative to the social tissue of our country our songs allow us to go back in time and identify different phases of our lives. We’re always honest in our approach, with no tricks, because we want our listeners to respect our work without any illusions.
We leave plenty to be felt live and in person. We don’t want to be part of just another race to the podium, we just want to write our story – no rewards, no prizes, just how it is. An heavy cloak that drags itself upon the audience, leaving them in an introspective and melancholic mood, it’s what the Vulture experience is all about. It won’t be an easy nor a light journey but it will take the listeners through an heavy down trip.

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