We Are Band Nerds – “Whore (Mend My Soul)” Official Lyric Video

We Are Band Nerds

We Are Band Nerds is composed of Brandon Cross (Lead Singer/Rapper), Tony Lucas (Rapper/Vocalist), Dorian “Scullie” Thomas (Guitarist), Carlos “DJ Sol*Los” Juarez (DJ/Sampler), Stephen “S Dot” Bonilla (Drums), and Santos “Sandman” Johnson (Bass).
The “Band Nerds” sound is a unique take on your typical “nu metal” experience as it creatively blends elements of jazz, metal, electronic, rap & rock music. They are “Deftones meets Outkast, weaving the former’s melodic approach to hard rock with the latter’s eclectic style of hip hop to create a unique tapestry of sound, allowing their music to appeal to a variety of individuals with a range of life experiences. Their lyrics tackle the real-life perspective of middle class minorities, discussing relationships, racism, and poverty; yet providing motivational and relatable commentary.

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