Winenus – “All From 1” Official Music Video


Recording Artist who go by the name WINENUS was Born in a town beside the Atlantic Ocean call Limbe found in Cameroon, Central Africa. He grew up listening to music of all genres but his first love was the music of Michael Jackson. Winenus’ music goes in all directions and aims at putting smiles on people’s faces around the world. Winenus enjoys acting, photography, modeling and being on the beach and viewing the waves from the ocean while writing his songs.
Winenus released his first music video in 2011 “HOW CAN YOU PART I” in Nigeria and his first album in 2012 ‘IT BUBBLIN” n Cameroon. Winenus is exploring collaborative music with artists and producers out of Africa in order to get a mix cultural favor in his music.
Winenus moved to Chicago USA in mid-2016 where he lives now and just released a new single titled “My Way” feat. Jordi Jordi. Winenus aims to continue in Michael Jackson’s footsteps to entertain the world.

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