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After Dusk – “The Character of Physical Law (357)” V4N Records – A BlankTV World Premiere!

Artist city, country: Athens, Greece

Artist Biography: After Dusk is a heavy metal band from Athens, Greece founded in 1998. They have released 3 full length albums and played concerts in venues and festivals. The band describes their music by a quote, written by the press, for one of their records:

“…pure heavy metal can exist…”

Apart from live appearances and composing songs, little has happened until 2004, when they started working on their demo “Senses of Dusk”, which was finished in early 2005.

Their first album, “The Witch’s Pact”, became reality in 2006. It contained 10 metal dynamites and continues to give people a good head banging until this day. The album was self-released on a limited number of copies.

“After Dusk is a pure heavy metal band, who have future ahead of them. A band that needs to be heard. Oh, and “Overspeed” can become a small hymn!” – METAL HAMMER 9/2006

In 2008, they finished their second album entitled “Hybris”, which sounds like concrete cracking from an earthquake, driving the band’s sound into a heavier and more solid direction. “Hybris” was released worldwide in November 2009.

“After Dusk creates this rarely seen musical variety. Awesome album!!” – METAL REVOLUTION

“Hybris is a superb work, a tracklist of fire.” – METALCRONIQUES

“After Dusk are probably proof indeed that pure heavy metal can exist…” – METAL TEAM UK

In 2012 their third album was complete. Entitled “The Devil Got His Soul”, it is described by fans as a heavy metal statement. Compiled of 10 songs, it unfolds track after track into a riff manifest!

“…such a stunning release that many even well known bands would envy! You see, it literally has everything and its compositions contain bits and pieces from the vast majority of the metal genres. “The Devil Got His Soul” is a great album delivered with much passion and skill by a very talented band that deserves your attention!” – BEHIND THE VEIL WEBZINE

In September 2013 After Dusk released a single called “Gamma Ray Burst”. It tells the story of a nice day on Earth, being abruptly ruined by a cataclysmic event that happened light years away.

Their latest album is entitled “The Character of Physical Law”. Produced by After Dusk, engineered, mixed and mastered by George Emmanuel and scheduled for worldwide release on April 27th, 2017. The goal was to forge their heavy, thrash and black metal alloys into one…

About The Video: The first song from After Dusk’s new album “The character of physical law” coming out on April 27th.

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Label Name: V4N Records

Song Lyrics: The input, I get from my senses, gathered in darkness
Creating a lie in my brain, persisting as true, in hollow space
I fail to see, to realize, the world turns in my eyes
I cannot tell a hologram, when the hologram I Am

Nothing, all is nothing and empty inside
Dimensions and time is a lie
Nothing, every universe, empty inside
And you never lived, you just died

Cosmological hoax, intricately veiled, deceiving you into perceiving
Perceiving as real, the cage that you’re in
The order of chaos, the slave and the king

Reality deduced to particles, unbound by time
Decode creation into numbers, to find the reason why
Why the world appears for my deceit
A movie of youth, played by the dead endlessly

Nothing, all is nothing and empty inside
Dimensions and time is a lie
Nothing, every universe empty inside
And you never lived, you just died

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