Assembly Of Arsonists – “Plenty Dead Fish” Slope Records

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Assembly of Arsonists – “Plenty Dead Fish” Slope Records – Official Music Video

Artist City, State, Country: Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

Artist Bio: From the explosions of domestic terrorism, to the implosions of domestic relationships, Assembly of Arsonists has run the gamut of controversy in the underground punk scene of Phoenix, AZ.
Four independently released records after their 2010 acoustic debut, ‘Love, Songs & Bombs’, the 5-piece piano-driven, cabaret-style punk rock ensemble is readying their best-yet assortment of apocalyptic anthems, ‘The End Is Dear’, starting with the single, “What Lies in Ashes”, debuted April 26th on all streaming platforms, and with a music video on YouTube.

Director Name: Lorin Bass, Travis James
Director Website:
Producer Name: Travis James
Producer Website:

About the Video: “Plenty Dead Fish” is confrontational and timely, exploring the modern horrors of climate change through the carefree and love-sick lense of the “fabulous 50s”. In true punk spirit, the surreal music video takes that confrontation even further with the kind of shock-value you might find in early John Waters films. The singer brings our disturbing future front-and-center, delivering the romanticized apocalyptic lyrics while making a graphic meal out of large roaches, and passionately bathing in “radioactive” green sludge with dead fish. The artistic scenes challenge the viewer to not look away from the disturbing images on the screen or the future they dramatize. Filmed in alleyways of Phoenix, AZ.


Song Lyrics: “Plenty Dead Fish”

Wake up and smell the weeds, there’s more mold here than marigold seeds. So let’s turn up our noses to pretty red roses, the dirt they grow in is for me. Find me dead in a desert, in a coffin built from the last tree.
More things have died than things that are alive on this planet, and all species will go extinct. Being averse to the worst of the worst is absurdly contradictory. A true optimist opts to relinquish the crops and topsoil to entropy.
Global temperature, my blood pressure, the sea level’s rising for me. No use in crying, we’re dying. There’s plenty dead fish in the sea.
When hope is taking its toll, making me cope, maintaining control, it subjects me to messes and pressures me endless because true horizons can never be reached. If you don’t like destruction, malfunction, disruption and violent uprisings and crime in the streets, well that kind of running away from reality is too pessimistic for me. I‘m an optimist, negativity is a relief.
I’m happily taken, I‘m spoken for makin’ my dreams in my life come to be. With my final breath, I‘ll be clutching my chest, I’ll be married to death guaranteed. Global temperature, my blood pressure, the sea level’s rising for me.
No use in crying, we’re dying, there’s plenty dead fish in the sea.

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