Audible Joes – “Born Again Cynic” Official Music Video – A BlankTV Feature!

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Audible Joes – “Born Again Cynic” Official Music Video – A BlankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: County Cork, Ireland

Artist Biography: The birth child that is Audible Joe’s was conceived in 2010 by founding members Michael Stone & Alex Dinan, who stayed up really late one night and promised to be best friends forever. The idea for the band came about much earlier than this however and after several failed attempts at successfully getting a band together, 2010 seemed to finally be the year that the first real chords would be struck.

The first few months consisted of several line up changes and the band eventually settled with the idea of becoming a four piece, with Michael Stone taking charge of the lead vocals. It didn’t take long for the band to recruit their childhood comrade, David Ballantine, as the man behind the drum kit either. The band was forming ranks and meeting up regularly to make some noise to the beat of the Ramones, with heavy influences across the wide spectrum that is Punk Rock.

The Cork music scene was also quite healthy at the time and after several months of preparation the band decided to take their set to the stage. With a positive reception from the first few gigs, they were quickly developing a reputation for their energetic and interactive performances. Not long after the band began gigging regularly; they were introduced to Ella, who inevitably became the guitarist and final addition to the lineup which has remained totally unchanged for several years.

Since then the band has gone on to play countless shows around the country, having supported some bigs acts such as The Damned, Old Firm Casuals, Runnin’ Riot, Blood or Whiskey and Vic Goadard & The Subway sect. After releasing their debut studio length album ‘Medicine for Modern Living’ in 2015; the band returned to their practice space and honed in on the sound which they had spent several years developing.
With a new album scheduled to be released in 2017 and still performing every other week within the rebel county and across the Emerald Isle, the band remains true to the very integrity which led to its foundation and maintains a deep respect and understanding amongst its members.

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Song Lyrics: Was I born sick? Is there enough time to fix me?
So used to darkness. Now it’s so bright I can’t see the
Forest from the trees ‘cuz the trees are burnt down.
Drag my body to the underground.
Do you feel unclean? Did your life capsize?
Take this book, it could change your life.

I swear to god that I’m godless to the end.

Pull the strings right off my bone so that I can be born again.
There was a time that I could have cared but now I don’t remember when.
And now I’m feeling claustrophobic in the cabins of this burning ship.
Take me to the clinic. Your a born again mess, I’n a born again cynic.

Was it worth it? Did they tell you it’s your fault?
Did they change you? Exactly what do you call your
home is burnt down. Just look around
at the ashes on the ground. Can you hear the sound?
Of a choir in a church? Of a church divine?
Believe in the things that you can’t define.

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