On Trial UK – “F*cked Up People” Headcheck Records – Official Music Video

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Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fucked-up-People-Explicit/dp/B01NAHTFPQ
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/1Qlu18zM4TjTeJwV8eU3BD
Other Purchase Link: http://www.headcheckrecords.co.uk/special-offers

On Trial UK – “F*cked Up People” Headcheck Records – Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Reading, England, UK

Artist Biography: Been going around ten years, this track is from our fourth studio album …. A Punk band yes , a normal Punk band no, we are in a battle of the minds, our minds…. trying to connect the minds of the world and erase the conditioning of us all to set free the inner self and achieve absolute peace through the strength of love… …. We are Pangean ….. we all are ….

Director Name: Jonny Wah Wah
Producer Name: Ben Marlow

About The Video: Shot on location in Maidenhead, the idea is to show an alternative beauty and version of strength in life

Artist Web: http://www.ontrial.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ontrialuk

Label Name: Headcheck Records
Label Website: http://www.headcheckrecords.co.uk

Song Lyrics: “Fucked Up People”

Fucked up people are beautiful and beautiful people make the world
Sensitive people are the strongest people they care about their feelings and they want to feel them
Anxious people make real good lovers care about themselves but more about others
Sadness in your life brings about an understanding you appreciate the love that you’ve been handed
This is my world….
Colourful people walk a wonderful road Alternative boy … Alternative girl
Looking different is a natural thing never conform is the song we sing
Life is hard and life is tough there are many days when you’ve had enough
Fucked up people look after each other you are my brother you are my sister
This is my world ….
Messed up people are interesting people they’re all always seeking and they’re always dreaming
Damaged people can always repair as they’re full of love and they really care
Madness describes so many thinkers alternative theories are the knowledge that links us
Fucked up Messed Up Sensitive Weak We have the power to love and the power to seek

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