Beleiveh – “Hippies Say” Vanity Records – Official Live Video

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Beleiveh – “Hippies Say” Vanity Records – Official Live Video” A BlankTV Premiere!

Artist city, country: Penticton, Canada

Artist Biography: “F Yeah” by Believeh was produced in 2007. Afterword Max Zaitin began to struggle with mental illness and the album was never released after playing in the punk band Lesser Pissers and releasing another solo album under Faith Maxwell he now is re-releasing a mastered version of “F Yeah” for the 10th Anniversary.

Director Name: Goerge Mateski

About The Video: Live performance for the 10th anniversary of “F Yeah” by believeh.


Song Lyrics: You’re cutting up a big tomato
To put it on some bread with mayo
I’m thinking something I can’t say though
And it’s all the same

You come and ask me where I’m going
Said sorry love not going nowhere
It’s tough enough to prove I don’t care
And I don’t believe in need

The teachers say they wanna riot
The president is on a diet
The hippies say they wanna try it and make love for free

Somebody said the wind is blowin
Stopped by and asked him i don’t know man
Which way you think that it is going but he could not say which way.
People tripping on vacation
People trip on information
People trip on situation yeah they never change

The teachers say they wanna riot
The president is on a diet

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