Clay – “Piece In My Pocket” Official Music Video

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Clay – “Piece in My Pocket” Official Music Video – A DankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: USA

About The Video: Kill Your Friends


Song Lyrics: The stars ain’t crossing, not in my favor
Maybe It’s because of my bad behavior
Maybe I’m a foreign invader bringing crusaders for the lord and savior
Burn your idols they just won’t save you
Burn your blunts while the demon takes you
Bang this shit till it blow your system
Done with this dawg abort the mission

Got a nine in my pocket pulled and cocked fool
And M16 and a dream for my school
Too cruel for the fools with the bougie booze
Fuck a fifth I need a swimming pool
Jugg season stealing my heater
Semi-hollows in my fire breather
Young brat screaming viva la vida when I pull the mask and then I beat the preacher

I’m a crypt diver holocaust survivor
To leave this life is my one desire
I’m the box that you don’t open till Christmas
Baked like I’m sitting on hitlers hitlist
Six inch blade right there in my pocket
Long enough to take eyes from the sockets
Bass bumping trunks into the projects
Talk too much little bitch come and walk it
Squeeze this hilt no hesitation
like your school got built on a reservation
Got shook up like I’m turning hatian
Ima drain your soul like a cancer patient
Fuck my past that life’s behind me
Ima sign in blood when Sony signs me
…Well I would if i wasn’t dying
Tonight Hell’s Kitchen is where I’m frying
We get buck if you crossing me
Ima fuckboy yeah I’m an atrocity
My last cd said kill your friends
Can you guess how this one ends?

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