DeadDarko – “77” Official Teaser Video

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DeadDarko – “77” Official Teaser Video

Artist city, country: Port Arthur, Texas, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: DeadDarko/Damian Darko is a experimental artist/musician dabbling in different genres.


Song Lyrics: Nihilist lotta drugs, lotta violence, shits been forever even thru the time skip, still wondering where my mind went n my friends, cigarettes to pass the days n hours, binging on my loneliness, just a kid, no smiles i wear these frowns like a crown, lit n faded, and passin out on the couch, Lost in these clouds

If this depression were a weapon, everybody would run from this death wish, lighting cigarettes with lost love letters from x’s, chattin’ with the Reaper tellin’ em i might gotta go see em, maybe if these oxys kicked in, til then i’m stuck decayin wondering where these days went

Yo you ever wish for better, maybe just a change of the weather, but the rain seems forever, hopefully not foreva Eva, Outcast from the 1st til last, but a misfit, a troubled cold kid, with decayed ambitions , devilish missions, soul stained from this cut throat gold gain, steady searching for a change, abusing substances for a escape from his brain, or some enlightenment to change shit just a bit, instead anxiety, following me, but i guess this existential crisis , is kinda lit, Nihilism vision, not shit, sight bright pessimist, still blind in ambiguous, i still don’t know shit ,either find nirvana or a dark loss of consciousness, to much to ponder while i’m vomitin, these oxys got me sick…….

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