Diego Allessandro – “Coal Miner” Official Music Video

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Diego Allessandro – “Coal Miner” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Monmouth County, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Born in Bogota, Colombia in June of 1984 Diego came to America that fall. After moving from New York to New Jersey as a child, Diego began playing guitar at 7 years old. He released his first album in 2012 called ‘Roses and Broken Hearts’ which The Verge called “An introspective record, full of artistic odes to life struggles” and said Diego “comes across sounding like a modern day mash up of Johnny Cash and Jim Morrison.” In 2013 Diego released ‘Magical’ which featured guest appearances from the newly formed Lot 25, alternative rockers Morningside Lane and former member of Clarence Clemons ‘Red Bank Rockers’ J.T. Bowen. While performing live with Lot 25, Diego released his third solo album in 2014 ‘The Losin’ Kind’ and Lot 25 then released to Youtube ‘The Losin’ Kind Virtual World Tour,’ possibly the first of it’s kind. In 2016 Lot 25 released it’s only LP, the Diego penned Rock Opera ‘Eden Boulevard.’ After a single show at the legendary Stone Pony in February 2017 Lot 25 disbanded. Diego is back to playing solo and recently released a new single “Lonely in Brooklyn.”

Artist Website: http://www.DiegoA.net
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/diegomusicnj
Twitter: @DiegoMusicNJ

Song Lyrics: “Coal Miner”

My name is John Michaels I was born in West Virginia
Married my high school sweetheart, we got us three small children
I work five days a week in the coal mines like my daddy
I make a decent livin’, enough to keep me happy

My name is Mary Ellen Michaels I was born in West Virginia
I teach Sunday school, spend my week takin’ care of the children
John is a good man, he works hard for his family
And he comes home in the evening, with a face that’s black and sooty

Coal minin’s a good job, me and Teddy have us some laughs
We can’t breathe with the respirators so we breathe in the dust and gas
Shovel the coal onto the belt, dust the rocks to vent the methane
The boss, he’s a good guy, he watches your back you best do the same

Coal minin’s a rough job there’s too much at stake
God forbid the vent fans stop workin’ or the roof begins to cave
I’m afraid to watch the news even if you don’t die in an explosion
You can wind up with Black Lung from breathin’ in that poison

Walk into the darkness say goodbye to the daylight
Put in my eight hours I’m home for supper each night
The men at the mining corporation they tell us that it’s safe here
We know that they’re lyin; it’s just the best livin’ a man can make here

I’m up after John leaves for work to make breakfast for the children
Everyday he leaves a letter for me in the ktichen
And the men in their fancy suits they say that there’s nothin’ else to give us power
We know that they’re lyin’ they don’t care about families like ours

Got up in the mornin’ grabbed my lunch and put on my hat
Left Mary Ellen a letter just in case I don’t make it back
A day like any other grabbed a shovel and went to work
Suddenly I heard a rumble, felt the shakin’ of the Earth

Got up in the mornin’ got the kids ready for school
Did the dishes and the laundry planned a lesson for Sunday school
It was about eleven thirty the phone started to ring
I fell to my knees and my heart began to sink

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