Dson McDaniels – “Heat” Ft. DMC & Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal – Official Music Video

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iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/earning-my-stripes-ep/1460479001
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0QBoDlT2aNuaxAgrYuDyeN?nd=1
AudioMack: https://audiomack.com/album/princeofrock93/earning-my-stripes

Dson McDaniels – “Heat” ft. DMC & Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal – Dsong – Official Music Video

Artist City, State, Country: New Jersey, U.S.A.

Artist Bio: Dson McDaniels grew up around music, but it wasn’t until he gravitated toward the iconic rock band KISS right before his impressionable middle school years that he felt compelled to carve out a musical path all his own. “It’s funny but I started out a real ‘rock-head’ he says. “I also became interested in other things like hockey, but KISS was the first artist outside of what was played in my house that I followed all on my own.”
He pursued his love for hockey, eventually playing the sport in adult leagues around his home state of New Jersey, but by then more immediate and adventurous artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller began influencing his musical passions, and he remembers thinking to himself ‘I’d like to do this.’ Still, it was a hobby for him at first. He cut a rough, homemade demo, a raw but reflective mixtape he called Into The Vault, comprised of sounds and verses that captured his imagination, intended for friends and family members only. That was in 2015, still a couple years away from his hypnotic 2018 debut song “Love Without Love,” an enlightening opening statement from the young artist that was meant for the world to hear.

Director Name: Lenny Emery
Director Website: http://www.redleaffilm.com/
Producer Name: Vybe, Jahnei Clarke

About the Video: 24:Ours Creative Studio (Brooklyn, NY), Flight Club NY, Coney Island Baby, Quad Studios

Artist Website: https://www.dsonmcdaniels.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dson.mcdaniels
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dsonmcdaniels/
YouTube: https://youtu.be/b-QE2hWKW_A

Record Label: DSONG
Label Website: https://www.dsonmcdaniels.com/

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