Fails! – “Zounds” Official Music Video

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Fails! – “Zounds” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Málaga, Spain

Artist Biography: The band from Malaga releases 6 tracks that make their first EP up.
Recorded in SixPackStudios, its aim is plain to see: punk rock and hardcore in unequal parts without norms, rules or conventions.

After decades of constant activity in several lineups, in late 2015 they embark upon this new venture..

Director Name: Candela/Nacho/Ignacio Alcaide
Producer Name: Ignacio Alcaide

Other Link:

Song Lyrics: That sound was only in my mind
I told to myself over and over again
But it was still there

Everything seems controlled from the comfort zone
But nothing is free of change
A simple movement, a moment, just a coincidence,
can change the course of things like you have never imagined
Let’s try!

I changed a B for a Z and
The result caught my eye
The result caught their souls
Wounds of god!
We just want to know where the bounds are
Life is so

A small detail can change the rest of your life
And probably you’ll never realize
Your fate seems like
driven by the whims of a little child
Life is so
That sound was only in my mind

I changed a B for a Z and
The result caught my eye
The result caught their souls
Wounds of God!

Let’s practice over and over again
Since the first time you stayed awake
all night long to see to prove
if the world would be destroyed and recomposed
Since the day that you woke up in the street
you used to live on
You didn’t know why
All the righteous will be dead soon
(Well, you’ll be sooner)
But the night that you spent in somebody else’s bathtub
will bring you the necessary calm to understand a child
and conspire against the grown-ups.

That sound was only in my mind

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