#Goals – “Squishy Anthem” DC-Jam Records – Official Music Video

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#Goals – “Squishy Anthem” DC-Jam Records – Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: #Goals is a project featuring Circle Jerks alumnus Greg Hetson (guitar, also formerly of Bad Religion), Lucky Lehrer (drums) and Earl Liberty on bass (formerly of Saccharine Trust), along with Rodcore (formerly of Year of the Dragon) on vocals.

Director Name: Rickey Bird
Producer Name: Rickey Bird, Patrick Spurlock for Hectic Films

About the Video: This song and video celebrates anyone anywhere with a dog who sees that dog as their best friend through thick and thin!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hashtaggoals1
Twitter: @goalstheband

Label Name: DC-Jam Records
Label Website: http://www.dcjamrecords.com

Song Lyrics: “Squishy Anthem”

Song Lyrics:
I hate my life (but I)
I love my dog (4x)
My job, it sucks (but I)
I love my dog (4x)
My girl is crazy (but I)
I love my dog (3x)
And my dog loves me

My friends are flaky (but I)
I love my dog (4x)
My drug dealer’s shady (but I)
I love my dog (4x)
Sometimes I’m lonely (but still I)
I love my dog (3x)
And my dog loves me

We go for our walks around the neighborhood
We like field trips out to the doggy park
Sometimes we lay around and snuggle
When all is lost you make me forget my troubles

Got no money, got no mate (but I)
I love my dog
I might be confused by life (but I)
I love my dog
Nothing in this world makes sense (but I)
I love my dog
I love my dog

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