Imperial Sin – “Too Many” Official Music Video

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Imperial Sin – “Too Many” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Jastrzębie-Zdró, Poland

Artist Biography: Imperial Sin was found in 2008 by guitarist Karol Lerch. In 2011, band recorded first demo called “Empty Faces” at No Fear Records from Rybnik. Thanks to this demo, band managed to play before Coma, The Sixpounder, Vomepotro, Acid Drinkers and many others. In 2017, band started to work in Rob-sonic Records on it’s first full album. Premiere was at July 1st 2018.

Director Name: Szymon Chałupka
Producer Name: Black Sun Studio

About the Video: It’s a first video clip used for promoting our debut full-length album. It’s dynamic, but the content is band playing, without any plot.


Song Lyrics: “Too Many”

Too many years have passed
His God is dead at last
That man with empty eyes has payed the price
That man and all behind, unite against expansion
Open your fucking eyes, Christ won’t rise twice

Too many people want to scream so many lies
I’m not taking advice, there is no recipe for life
It’s not enough, so wake the fuck up
If you’ve fallen, rise up for one last time

Christ will not rise
Christ will not rise twice
Open your fucking eyes x2

I will say it only once: Why you gave them a chance?
With (a) broken wing (a) bird cannot fly, sky is the limit, just free your mind

In the world ruled by systems, beneath your dignity
The man is being destroyed in the name of nothing

That man is imprisoned in his own reflection…

I don’t want comprehension, better late than never
That man pretended to it, it doesn’t concern me

With or without you, the decision is taken! x4

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