Inhalants – “Bread Pitt” Live At Skatopia – 2017

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Inhalants – “Bread Pitt” Live at Skatopia – 2017

Artist city, country: Ontario, Canada

Artist Biography: The founding members of Inhalants happened to meet while trying to tape their aids needles to the handles of gas pumps, when their hands romantically touched as they reached to sabotage the same pump.

“Fuck you”, they said in unison with toothless smiles. And Inhalants has been stealing hotel breakfasts ever since.

Also we have an LP coming out this summer called ‘Ectorotica’. It’s very ambitious, there’s an accordion part in one song, and a brass section in another, so get impressed.

About The Video: This is all footage from Skatopia’s Bowl Bash. They gave us the opportunity to play both nights and basically headline the second night. Never have I seen so much crazy shit and met such awesome people in such a short time.

The first night we all did LSD and hauled our gear down a huge muddy hill in the pouring rain, then played in that packed barn while the rain slammed on the roof, and people moshed as hard as they skated that bowl.

Day two we were the soundtrack for exploding cars.

I can now say that we’ve played the same stage as SHAT (My life has peaked!)


Song Lyrics: An iron giant struts in fishnet stockings for the horde;
a succubus in tights.
They’re screaming for a place to rest
I beg angst “Keep me up all night, oh!”

Take a look, behold her dead wine, gold, and cold silk
While my friends try to kill themselves,
they’ve been crying over having everything.

Her breasts are the minimum wage;
they took the life from the eyes of the working man.
He sits alone at the end of the bar and he drinks.
Do you see him?
He drinks so damn slow,
from the glass of cold comfort
that’s killing him so.

Spit on me, girl
Piss on me, girl

Because love doesn’t come in someone else.
Even if you come in someone else,
Love doesn’t come in someone else,
It comes in paper.

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