The Disconnect – “Holes” Official Music Video

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The Disconnect – “Holes” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Southampton, England, UK

Artist Biography: This is catharsis.
This is how it feels to lose a loved one.
This is how it feels to be lost.
This is how it feels to be helpless.
This is how it feels.
This is The Disconnect.

30th May – Anvil, Bournemouth
24th August – Bar 42, Worthing
25th August – The Scene Club, Swansea
26th August – The Cellar Bar, Stafford
27th August – Joiners, Southampton
30th August – Underground, Plymouth

Director Name: Sam Edwards and Andrew K Moodie
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Producer Name: Andrew K Moodie
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About The Video: “Holes” is about depression. It’s about that feeling when you’ve hit rock bottom and that there’s no way out, so you’re just stuck. It’s about feeling like there’s nobody around to help and even if there were, they wouldn’t be able to. The name of the track is a metaphor for that feeling, so we wanted to represent that as best we could visually, which is why the location is that dark, stony chamber.

We wanted to do something a bit different to just a standard performance video; something visually interesting that adds appeal to the video beyond the music. If a video doesn’t bring anything extra to the table then you might as well just release audio. So we’re not stood in a line in front of scrims and lights, we’re stood in a close circle as if it’s some kind of fucked up ritual, dimly lit from the floor up and surrounded by darkness. The camera isn’t still, it orbits around us, and in the calmer moments time stops altogether while the camera keeps moving. It’s a hell of a spooky location, and the lovely guys at Blackstar hooked us up with cabs to fill it out.

It turns out the chamber is of historical significance too, because out of nowhere suddenly tour groups were showing up to have a look inside. It was a surprise to us for sure, but they were probably more surprised to walk in and see us.

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