Innerspace – “World On Fire” Official Music Video

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Innerspace – “World on Fire” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Innerspace started in 2015 in Boulder, Colorado.

Director Name: Parker Rice and Van Wampler
Producer Name: CinemaRaven

About the Video: World on Fire: The Story of a Secret Library – This film is dedicated to the authors of the banned books; to anyone that’s ever been censored, arrested, evicted, or imprisoned for their work; to every street artist that’s ever been covered with grey and every garage band that’s ever been shut down for making noise. Starring: Evangelina Kisa, Charlie Alaimo, Innerspace, Grace Van de Pas, Jessica Nieusma, Nathan Crumrine, Rachel Ruske, Joey Spinuzzi, Emcee Flux, Jake Pitts. Produced by Cinema Raven. Mixed and Mastered by Seth Munson. Titles by Nathan Crumrine. Special thanks to the Boulder Bookstore. Written by Innerspace.

Twitter: @innerspaceco
Instagram: @innerspaceofficial

Song Lyrics: “World on Fire”

“How did I let myself forget the only thing I know? While we were sleeping, they showed us all dreams can be sold. Our leaders have set the world on fire, so who can we follow to reconnect our immortal minds with bodies we’ve borrowed? So we burn another page of what we can’t erase, bury every memory. And we carry on this way, because we don’t have to read the letters we delete. We worship the structures we built to bind us by design. Do you ever wonder what’s waiting on the other side? Our heroes have taken heads for eyes and blindly we follow, seduced by machines that suck the life from bodies we’ve borrowed. So we burn another page of what we can’t erase and the fires light our way. We can carry on the same, because every teacher reads a broken history. Here we are, dancing in the flames. Can we turn another page to set the story straight? Don’t let it end this way. We may never be the same, but every chapter bleeds a darker well of ink.”

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