Inter Omega – “Resilience” Official Music Video

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Inter Omega – “Resilience” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Tartu, Estonia

Artist Biography: Inter Omega are a five-piece progressive metal group hailing from Tartu, Estonia. Despite forming in 2015, the band has been a project many years in the making. Band guitarist and producer Steven Kingo had a clear vision of the styles and themes he wished to convey as he set off to form the group. Over time he assembled members whilst working away on demos in the studio with guitarist Kristo Ülper and Drummer Joel Hainsalu. Steven wanted to bring his own blend of new wave progressive metal to Estonia, drawing inspiration from bands such as Periphery, Tesseract, Intervals and even Meshuggah.

The name Inter Omega has been a concept existing right from the project’s inception. ‘Inter’, to mean buried and between, in this instance representing ‘within one’s self’. And ‘Omega’, (Literally meaning ‘Great O’) signifies greatness, but also as the last letter of the Greek alphabet, denotes limitation and represents the ultimate end of a set. Combining these two words conveys the idea that we all have potential within ourselves, and the only thing stopping us is our own minds. This is a theme that is channelled through the lyrics, written respectively by each vocalist Ben Roomes and Mathias-Erik Tempel.

Inter Omega released its first single ‘Pieces’ in the summer of 2016, followed by second single ‘Bitter Suite’ at the very end of the year. The Bitter Suite single marked the band’s debut music video, shot and directed by guitarist Kristo Ülper. The band’s third single ‘Ascendant’ followed with another self-produced video in August 2017. ‘Resilience’ is the latest offer from the five-piece, this time reaching out to Martin Kaljuorg as a director for the video to create a darker and more concept orientated theme.

To date, the band are currently tucked away in the studio working on a full-length album with more releases planned for the future.

Director Name: Martin Kaljuorg
Producer Name: Martin Kaljuorg

About the Video: “Resilience” is the fourth single by Estonian progressive metal band Inter Omega
Music video directed and edited by Martin Kaljuorg Visuals
Intro monologue taken from ‘How to Find the Real You’ a lecture from Alan Watts
Special thanks to Piibe Pajur, Maido Möls, Athena keskus and Sound Group OÜ
Song written and performed by Inter Omega
Produced, mixed and mastered by Steven Kingo
Vocals and lyrics: Ben Roomes and Mathias-Erik Tempel
Guitars: Steven Kingo and Kristo Ülper
Drums: Joel Hainsalu


Song Lyrics: “Resilience”

Oh, I am so tired
Of hitting these walls, just to hold on
To an idea of something so far out of reach
What was I thinking?
Playing myself, creating illusions
I thought it would end the other way around

Left me with questions without an answer
Recalling memories from afar
Take a step back and find some time
Living to satisfy

Leaving negative thoughts behind
Make a change to feel some pride
Living life like I want to live
Facing myself to level up
away from the state of no future

If you could read the writing
and sing through the silence
You will fight the shadows
Your passion gives you guidance
Embrace the life around you
Resilience and virtue
As you keep on fighting
you feel the dark subsiding

Each and every day you turn around
your passion keeping your feet firmly on the ground
Take it from a man who’s questioning his pride
I could hear my calling from this place inside

I might have fallen behind
But here I go again
Corners to cut, first in the line
Found nothing to gain but just wasting time

I am the mastermind
And we are the people
Running away from you

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