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Kasti – “Too Many Ho’s” Official Music Video – A DankTV Premiere!

Artist city, country: Łódź, Poland

Artist Biography: Kasti – young rapper, dj and turnbalist. Graduated from music school, playing violin, where gave performances solo, with choir and string band.

Director Name: Julianny Wójcik Haluc
Director Link: https://www.facebook.com/juliannyhaluc
Producer Name: Eqmuseq
Producer Link: https://www.facebook.com/EqMuseQ/

About The Video: This video was created to show the variety of people and to prove that it really shouldn’t matter where we come from as we are all humans.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kastimusic/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/katekasti

Song Lyrics: See am sitting here alone, night dark trying to get stoned
Na na na na
On the top floor
Thinking ’bout to give some lyrics
Put inside new flash tricks
But my lyrical content crashed on my mind bricks
Every written paper deserves to be sneezed in,
I need new inspiration, situation to get in
Thinking ’bout what I see, analyzing what I hear
And I hit this obscene song
And I realize one thing

There’s too many bitches, there’s too many ho’s
Too many dicks around, too much to browse
There’s too much we hate
There’s too less we love
Too many beefs, too much money we want

See if you listen good what people have to say
too many hateful issues around the scope in day
we throw names like a glass of bottle hitting wall in rage
no good reason for a stain
still keeping real the game
we want to be a winner – Russian roulette no pain
we shoot without the bullets – keep consequences safe
I remember 9 millimeters you threw in my head
I remember all poetry you printed on my brain
Every single word was a lie to keep you from the death, I was just a Macbeth in your own play
Always thought I meant more to you than a rain
I received a wake up call when your person ran away
(Bitches on my head, police on my back
I got invitation to visit them in jail)

No sign of you on my damn phone
No sight of your face on the street of the globe
Now I got the game and understand your steps
But bitch please, why you calling me ho with your friends
No single thing why I deserve your shit
Never cheated, never snitched and maybe should I have gone big
Get your money, fuck around and use your own medicine
It’s too late now and I’m left with nothing but a hint

I don’t know what’s the bottom of the evil growth
I’m scared of my little sister fucking when she’s ten years old
I’m scared I put the trigger and blow his head off
Are they gonna stab you once more ‘cuz you black – how would I know ?!
Life can be like hide and play in freak horror show
These days naked bitches and Bugatti’s making the mike blow
I don’t know but it’s the God who’s watching the bank roll
Let me speculate if democracy is the way to go
Someone watching your steps
Angel Guardian, no
pray more to the Lord, not a creed not a mob
In the end, there’s one aim – respect all the voice
Christian, Muslim – religion ain’t a choice
Racism – to control a mass brainwash
‘Cuz how can you dismiss what comes from the same source
We come from one and dispersed round the globe
And all the racial difference adjustment to the biom

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