Separating The Seas – “Sense And Instinct” Official Music Video

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Separating the Seas – “Sense and Instinct” Official Music Video – A KrankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Bend, Oregon, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Metalcore making it’s way out of Bend, OR. We have our first shows in Portland coming up on 1/13 @Bossanova Ballroom and 1/14 @Hawthorne Theatre
Our debut album, “BLACKOUT” was completely self produced and is available in digital and phyical forms. Very excited to get our music out there!

Director Name: Ultrasonic Productions
Director Link:
Producer Name: Self-Produced
Producer Link:

About The Video: The video is going for a “Live show” vibe, where it looks and sounds as though you are watching the band play live. All the footage was recorded over the course of twelve headbanging hours, and you can imagine how sore we were for the days to follow.


Song Lyrics: this mirror is not my reflection
i see the eyes of a broken man
contemplating this resurrection
this fear will always be in my hands

i’ve given up enough of my self
so i won’t trust this fall
it’s taunting my every instinct
in my mind i’ve hit another wall

can we just stop right here (right now)
this line drawn depicts my fear
can we just stop right here

its felt like longer than seconds
and i’m frozen in place
looking across the valley
with a blank stare

stepping up moving forward
it will be hard but it’s what I’m heading towards
i can’t forget where i came from
but this is goodbye

with one foot placed in front of me
i step away from this tragedy
giving myself a sense of clarity
years poured into what i believed was empty
this heart is overflowing
but this mind is withholding again
the potential of what it could be
through these new eyes i see

the space around me is hopeless
but i remain unfazed
i’ll hit the water that drowns me
when my legs obey

these words might never be heard
to keep them inside
was not what they were meant for
i must speak through a frail tongue
when i feel like i just want to give up

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