Kill For Eden – “The Hollow Man” Official Music Video

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Kill for Eden – “The Hollow Man” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: London, England, UK

Artist Biography: Kill for Eden are London-based purveyors of classic hard rock, radio ready riffs and powerful female vocals.

Their music has been championed by XFM (presently Radio X) and Kerrang!, and seen the band likened to Skunk Anansie, Halestorm, The Cult and Garbage.

The quartet have already released two EPs and a self-titled album that boasted “blistering riffs, hook-laden choruses, great vocals and a strong selection of tunes” (Fireworks Magazine).

Their second studio album, ‘Petty Crimes’, was released in April 2017. The lead single, “Love You So” was released on November 25th 2016 and second single “Woke Up Alone” was out March 2017.

Director Name: George Whitaker
Producer Name: Xandra
Producer Link:

About The Video: This is a promo video for the novel The Hollow Man by Paul Hollis.

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: Hollow Man

Yesterday was white light – now I live in black
You disappeared from my life, now I want it back
Your feelings camouflaged
Behind your eyes, lies a hollow man
And I don’t recognise you anymore

Can I believe it?
Can I believe it’s you?
Without the cracks you’re invisible
Can I believe it?
Am I seeing true?
Cos I can see right through you

Lying here in our bed, there’s an imprint where you slept
Down my spine a feel a chill
‘Cos I just slept with your ghost
And no, I can’t see you anymore!

(oohs etc)
And if I can’t touch you,
If I can’t see you, taste you or smell you,
Then I can’t be with you no more, no more!

© David Bown & Lyla D’Souza 2017 All Rights Reserved

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