Lifeblood – “Expand” Official Music Video

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Lifeblood – “Expand” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Brisbane, Australia

Artist Biography: Lifeblood are a chaotic hardcore band from Brisbane, Australia. Formed in 2015 through a shared love for bands such as The Chariot, Norma Jean and Every Time I Die, the band quickly recorded and released their demo ‘Send Me Far Away’ and started playing shows with many other local and up & coming bands such as She Cries Wolf, Deadlights, Apate, Underminer, Wraith, The Gloom In The Corner and Vitals. Subjecting audiences across the east coast to their particular brand of abrasive music, Lifeblood are looking to release their debut EP “The Air In My Lungs” recorded and mixed by Troy Brady (ex Amity Affliction) and mastered by Scott Simpson (Alpha Wolf). Sonically “The Air in My Lungs” is bringing more abrasive and dissonant tones while simultaneously exploring the world of atmospheric and ambient textures. This foundation leads the way for lyrical content of a depressing nature, battling inner turmoil and trying to remain calm under tremendous adversity.

Director Name: Nick Hargans
Producer Name: Troy Brady

About The Video: “Expand” deals with themes of feeling inadequate as a human and failing to complete the most basic of tasks constantly building up and never being released. The music video being shot by Nick Hargans it depicts how easily we can be our own worst enemy and that we should cut ourselves some slack, it’s not that bad.


Song Lyrics: “Expand”

Louder and louder and louder the voices grow
Louder and louder inside my head
I wish I could mute the noise it’s unbearable
Why does it have to be so damn loud?
Indiscernible sounds
Indiscernible conversations
Why does it have to be so loud?

How am I meant to be
Able to comprehend
When I’m overwhelmed?

The weight of the world is resting on my shoulders
And I cant seem to catch a break
Give me a break Give me a damn break
Give me a damn break!

It’s beginning to look like, I’ll be here for a long time
Alone in this madness

I’m at the edge of my seat
The future is bleak I’m starting to wonder how I became so weak
So easily unravelled
At the slightest of things
Another sip down I’ll drown my woes
No happy picture here
Nothing to pose I guess I’ll stop speaking
I’m sick of this prose

I’m sick of this prose

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