Massacrator – “Battlefield” Official Lyric Video

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Massacrator – “Battlefield” Official Lyric Video

Artist city, country: Aguascalientes, Mexico

Artist Biography: Massacrator is a band from Aguascalientes, Mexico. The first studio album; “Everlasting Nightmare” is available since August 22nd 2016. The band features members from Kalaveraztekah, Disgraced, VönBastard & Toxic Rain.

Director Name: Arturo Silva
Director Link:
Producer Name: Julio César Rivera
Producer Link:

About The Video: Official lyric video for the song “Battlefield” from the album ‘Everlasting Nightmare’.


Song Lyrics: Soldiers prepare to fight to the death
Fearless to die machine gun in hand
Panzer tanks coming from everywhere
Artillery of hell the battle awaits

Instinct to kill uncontrolled minds
Unexpected death coming from blackened skies
Enemy bullets taking your last breath
Scream will not help you will die anyway!!!

Cold breath whispering at your ear – Battlefield
Calling your name your end is near – Battlefield
Ultimate war brings the holocaust – Battlefield
Destined to die bullet take your life – Battlefield

Marching forward there’s no turning back
Prelude to death is killing time
Spill the blood cut your enemies’ heads
No blood no glory dismember bodies

Visions of death tormenting your mind
Massacre of men bullets covers the land
Chaos and destruction forever remains
Violence reigns go straight to hell

Show no mercy attack the enemy
Dressed in your blood sign of victory
Falling soldiers crawling on the ground
Aggressors destroying and thrashing the land

Grenades exploding tanks shooting dead
Bodies lie dead victory unobtained
Battlefield feeds from your soul and your flesh
End of the war only death remain

Dying in a field of heads
Rivers of Blood
Pestilence of putrid dead
Rotting remains

Dismember disgorged a victim in pain
Ready for the apocalypse
Intensive pain piercing your chest
Bleeding to death.

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