Misconducters – “Control Evasion” Official Lyric Video

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Bandcamp: https://misconducters.bandcamp.com/
Other Purchase Link: http://www.misconducters.com

Misconducters – “Control Evasion” Official Lyric Video

Artist city, country: São Paulo, Brazil

Artist Biography: The Misconducters started in early 2008 in England, where Denfire, its founder, lived for ten years, eventually returning to live in Brazil, where he got together with local musicians for a new incarnation of the power trio.
The idea has always been to make a sound free from fashions or trends, but it might be fair to roughly describe it as a well balanced mix between Hard Rock, Metal and Punk.
They played extensively in the UK and shared the stage with bands like Discharge and Midway Still, plus many other quality groups of different genres.
The discography comprises five EPs and five albums. The official release date of their fifth EP, ‘Reanimated’, is September 11, 2018.

All five tracks on ‘Reanimated’ are re-recordings of songs taken from the first two albums and third EP. Some of them had the lyrics changed a bit. The purpose of this release is to formalize the initiation of this new Misconducters lineup.

Denfire – guitars & vocals
Mr Blue Note – bass
Tony King – drums

2.Control Evasion
5.No More

Director Name: Renato Camargo
Producer Name: Renato Camargo

Artist Website: http://www.misconducters.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Misconducters/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZownfyDuu1MT4ooljTxm7g

Song Lyrics: “Control Evasion”

Lying in your bed
Like a waking dead
Tune into some radio station
Bullshit now fills your head

Nothing’s as it seems

Coming back from work
Looking for some comfort
Check the news for updates
Now you got that blind man’s smirk

Nothing’s as it seems
If spread from within
Lies and biased news control the world

Questions and aching that never end
Seek refuge in your virtual friends
Is that enough yet?
Have you got enough yet?

What’s up with you
Looking really blue
Seems you’ve seen a ghost
Maybe it’s time to change the fucking tune

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