Modern Mimes – “Love Hate” A BlankTV World Premiere!

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Modern Mimes – “Love Hate” A BlankTV World Premiere!

Artist city, country: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Modern Mimes is an American music artist duo from Fort Lauderdale, FL. Modern Mimes consists of Adi Elcida Hernandez on vocals/guitar/sampling and Ernesto Paez on the double neck guitar bass. Their music can be best described as “Future Goth,” a term they coined in order to explain the fusion of alternative heavy guitar riffs, powerfully haunting vocals, subconscious provoking lyrics, electronic drums, and catchy pop melodies.

Modern Mimes came together in 2014. Ernesto came from a background of touring and playing in heavy metal bands while Adi was primarily a solo singer/songwriter. When fate allowed their forces to join, they took the time to harness their sound unrestrained by genres or trends. Modern Mimes is a perfectly chaotic reflection of the inner workings of Adi & Ernesto who create music in hopes of inspiring listeners to journey through their subconscious and look within.

Stay Tuned for Modern Mimes’ End of Summer Tour dates.

About The Video: We all feel the emotions of love and hate. Modern Mimes’s Love Hate directed by Carla Forte is a performance music video with a deeper merit. The visuals take the viewer into the internal and cyclical battle of these emotions through an abstract approach and continual cleansing through the use of water.

Director Name: Carla Forte
Director Link:
Producer Name: Alexey Taran
Producer Link:

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: Love/Hate
Got so much to say
Remove these punks from my face
Got so much to say
Seems my love gets in the way
Got so much to say
How much longer will I take
With my Love-Hate
Got so much to say
Got so much to say
I don’t want to be a hater
but your flow has gotta go
Your infecting youths minds
with your the man and she’s a hoe
All this talk pussy-pussy, money-money, marijuana
Really got me goin’ bananas
oh oh oh
Take it slow
oh oh oh
Let it go
I’m not a liar I’m not gonna deny
I’ve got love-hate
a liar, I’m not gonna deny oh
I’m not a liar I’m not gonna deny
I’ve got love-hate
a liar, I’m not gonna deny
I’ve got love-hate
You can’t fight fear with fear
Not sure if you can fight it with love
and the only voice that’s real is the one inside your skull
and it says, “use me, abuse me, just make sure you don’t lose me”
So we let them take for goodness sake
never thinking it’d be a mistake
Oh oh oh
Let it go

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