Mourning Sun – “Son Of No Man” Official Lyric Video

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Mourning Sun – “Son of No Man” Official Lyric Video

Artist city, country: San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: We are Mourning Sun, a five piece Metalcore/Post-Harcore band from San Antonio, Texas. Each with our own purpose, playing music that we believe will surprise anybody who stops and listens.

Director Name: Emmanuel Facio
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Producer Name: Brandon Layne
Producer Link:

About The Video: ““Son of No Man,” is a quick synopsis about my mother and me leaving my father when I was a child, because of his drinking problem and the constant fighting between each other. As well as the realization that even as an artist who could paint these beautiful portraits from time to time, a happy family was something my father would never be able to paint.” ~James Vaughn Lubbering

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Song Lyrics: I’m no son of a man
But of a bastard who drank
His sorrows and drove out his Lover
And his only son away
To roam this desert, these wasted streets

I’m no son of a man
But of a bastard who drank
His sorrows and drove out my mother
And me away
Yeah me

Were the only
Of the day by day
That raged on
With the bull and his horns
Charging away

The only thing that you could never paint
Was a fucking happy family

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