Sepolcral – “Broken Armour” A BlankTV World Premiere!

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Sepolcral – “Broken Armour” Official Music Video – A BlankTV World Premiere!

Artist city, country: Italy

Artist Biography: Rough and fast Death metal from Italy!
But the longer story is: Coming from the old school wave, Sepolcral was formed in 1993 and recorded the demo-tape “Witnesses of Lies” the year after, becoming soon well known between the only few extreme bands around in Italy at that time. In 1996 the band recorded his first album, called “Victims”, supposed to come out through the Italian Nosferatu Records, but the label suddenly closed down just before printing the cd copies and the album Victims remained unpublished. This was a hard stroke to the band, in 1998 only two former members went on playing and Sepolcral were re-named Psycollapse, with a new drummer and second guitarist, without bass player. After a 4-tacks promo cd and some live shows the band split-up in 2002.

Almost a decade after, in late 2011, the former singer Denis unfortunately died and in 2012 four members between the two previous line-ups decided to pay a tribute to their lost friend and Sepolcral rose up from the dead, with two singers. As a 6-piece band they recorded a new EP between 2013 and 2014, so called “Reborn 6”.

Line – Up
Dan- vocals
Chris- guitar
Kev- bass

About the Video: An horned masked slasher. An eviscerated girl. The seed of destruction. The bringer of chaos is coming.

Director Name: Federico Scargiali
Director Link:
Producer Name: Visceravisions
Producer Link:

Vocals recorded at MatSound Studio, Sacile, Italy by Matteo Mazzon
Reamps, mix and mastering by Alb Bandino at Cut Fire Studio


Song Lyrics: Set you castrated body free-free
White and black your broken armour
To hide the lust
Trapped inside your inner castle
A veil to hide and shame
Life is bitter tears to swallow
Intimacy exposed
Sorrow spreads upon her body

Penetrated the creed hard and deep
Fake, beliefs are hard to keep
Knee useful to god wishes
Tasting the sinful joy
With lust comes to repentance

Control orgasm spasm
In front of god’s true nature
Divine’s the human strain
Spreading her legs
Wide open

Gratify my temple whit altars
Made flesh and bones
Surrender to the snake-snake
Bite the knowledge apple
Inside the bigot chapel

Let me seep inside you
Give your life get meaning
eat the last drop
Start a new existence

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