Obvious2g A/k/a Quartzz – “No Game” Aye1 & Authentic Ink

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Obvious2g a/k/a Quartzz – “No Game” Aye1 & Authentic Ink

Artist city, country: Fort Worth,Texas, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Content seems to have taken a backseat due to its unfortunate lack of popularity. But what if we found a way to mesh the two together in such a unique way that listeners can barely tell the difference? I mean isn’t it Obvious that the world of hip hop turned low frequency rap is in desperate need of a subliminal change for the better? Well look no further, he has arrived. Fort Worth, TX native Obvious is the most refreshing best of both worlds artist hip hop has seen in decades! Although, due to his plethora of talents its probably much more fair to label him as the best of “most” worlds. Producer, singer, song writer, rapper Obvious boasts a quadruple entourage of threats powerful enough to kill a room filed with today’s most successful trap & pop rappers. His silky smooth vocals layered upon truffles of dope beats topped off with lyrical substance and club appeal is always geniously done. Having worked with countless artists in DFW his reputation grows with each masterpiece he creates. Venues from D-Town to Abilene & Austin TX have all been greatful to have featured such an amazing talent. There’s an Obvious uniqueness in this artists sound that begs the world to listen while somewhat softening hardened hearts in a profound way. Obvious seems to be a selfless gift passed down to humanity by the divine just in time to stop the clock on its scheduled self destruction via thoughtless rap culture. And some how he doesn’t even stop there. This unique specimen has an alter ego who goes by the name of Quartz and is one half of the hip hop duo The ODdz. Joined by his female counterpart Amithyst the two have seamlessly committed to aiding in the destruction of watered down hip hop while “moving like water, mind over matter” as their legendary “Bruce Lee” single suggests. No wonder major record labels like AMG Universal are scrambling to lock in such greatness. The world couldn’t wait any longer. Destiny is upon us and it is definitely Obvious that his time is now!

Director Name: @KingZelFilms
Producer Name: @Obvious2g

About the Video:U only live once plus life is short can’t be playing it’s No Game

YouTube Link https://youtu.be/Y9xRbGxph5o
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/obvious2gtv
Twitter: @Obvious2g

Label Name: Aye1 & Authentic Ink

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