2nd Class Substitutes – “Beneath The Silence” A BlankTV World Premiere!

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2nd Class Substitutes – “Beneath The Silence” True Trash Records –
A BlankTV World Premiere!

Artist city, country: Vienna, Austria

Artist Biography: 2CS is a 4-piece melodic punk rock band from Vienna, Austria. It may remind many of their peers of the 1990’s Burning Heart Records stuff they grew up on, but that is not all there is to it.
If you listen closely, you will find a love for roots music and various elements spanning from rockabilly to hardcore punk.
At the core, 2CS is about good songs delivered with a punch.
To quote the band, “It’s not about four chords, it’s about what
you make of them.”

Founded by friends in 2012, the band went through two demos, one album, one EP, 3 bass players uncounted live shows throughout Europe. Among Apes, to be released June 2017 was recorded by John Higuera at Higuera Studios, Nuremberg, produced by Marc van Dark/Sleepwalk Productions and released by True Trash Records, Munich. No gods, no managers, contact the band at: 2ndclasssubstitutes@gmail.com

Director Name: Wolfgang F. Maier

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2ndclasssubstitutes

Label Name: True Trash Records
Label Website: http://truetrash.com/plattenlabel

Song Lyrics: Just slow down and take a look around
all the burden that keeps you down
while I waste my energy in useless fights
my mind is bounded, blind to see
the core of my soul, my identity
keeps me off the ambition that really matters to me
time’s like sand, slips through my hands
while I play this role I have to pretend
just get me out, break these chains and run
just set me free at last
all the obstacles in front of me
the ghosts inside my mind
all the pressure on my shoulder, I have to leave behind

beneath the silence, a scream through the dark
make a step – get it right or just fall apart
a broken ship on the open sea
constant struggle against myself
constant struggle to set me free

all along distracted, confused by vanity
wake me up – chase my apathy
change my ways before the ways change me
break the circle before it breaks

Just get me out, break these chains and run
it´s nothing fixed
be brave take control it’s my own live
make use of my own mind
all the obstacles in front of me
the ghosts inside my mind
all the pressure on my shoulder
I have to leave behind

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