OC45 – “Down We Go” BirdsEye Records – A BlankTV World Premiere!

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OC45 – “Down We Go” BirdsEye Records – A BlankTV World Premiere!

Artist city, country: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Since it’s inception in the summer of 2011, OC45 has played over 500 shows and spent approximately a full calendar year on the road, spanning seven different DIY tours throughout North America. In Septmeber 2013, the band released it’s debut EP, ‘When It Hits’, on its own label, BirdsEye Records. March 2015’s follow-up release, ‘Burn It’, was also released on BirdsEye, this time with the help of Boise’s 1332 Records. In 2016, OC45 is set to release it’s first proper full-length, ‘Happy Accidents’, on January 27, 2017 and is preparing for it’s first European tour this April.
OC45 has shared the stage with the Swingin’ Utters, Cockney Rejects, Youth Brigade, Street Dogs, Agent Orange, The Casualties, DOA, MDC, Koffin Kats, Hudson Falcons, Darkbuster, Big D and the Kids Table, Get Dead, La Plebe, Far from Finished, Potato Pirates, The Scandals, Sniper 66 and many more.

2/10/2017 Richmond, VA
2/11/2017 Raleigh, NC
2/12/2017 Charlotte, NC
2/13/2017 Charleston, SC
2/14/2017 Gainesville, FL
2/15/2017 Jacksonville, FL
2/16/2017 Tallahassee, FL
2/17/2017 Fort Walton Beach, FL
2/18/2017 New Orleans, LA
2/19/2017 Baton Rogue, LA
2/20/2017 Beaumont, TX
2/21/2017 Houston, TX
2/22/2017 Corpus Christi, TX
2/23/2017 San Antonio, TX
2/24/2017 Austin, TX
2/25/2017 Ft. WorthTexas, TX
2/26/2017 Lubbock, TX
2/27/2017 Albuquerque, NM
2/28/2017 Flagstaff, AZ
3/1/2017 Las Vegas, NV
3/2/2017 Reno, NV
3/3/2017 San Jose, CA
3/4/2017 San Francisco, CA
3/5/2017 Berkeley, CA
3/6/2017 Bakersfield, CA
3/7/2017 Pomona
3/8/2017 Santa Ana
3/9/2017 San Diego, CA
3/10/2017 Tijuana, MEX
3/11/2017 San Luis, MEX
3/12/2017 Mexicali, MEX
3/13/2017 Yuma, AZ
3/14/2017 Phoenix, AZ
3/15/2017 Tucson, AZ
3/16/2017 El Paso, TX
3/17/2017 San Angelo, TX
3/18/2017 Austin, TX
3/19/2017 Oklahoma City, OK
3/20/2017 Tulsa, OK
3/21/2017 Wichita, KS
3/22/2017 Lawrence, KS
3/23/2017 St. Louis, MO
3/24/2017 Memphis, TN
3/25/2017 Nashville, TN
3/26/2017 Lexington, KY
3/27/2017 Beckley, WV
3/28/2017 Baltimore, MD
3/29/2017 Philadelphia, PA
3/30/2017 Allentown, PA
3/31/2017 New Haven, CT
4/1/2017 Dover, NH

About The Video: Filmed in the quaint confines of our rehearsal studio in Charlestown, MA, we take a simple approach with a short, punchy, punk rock ballad off the full length, ‘Happy Accidents’.

Director Name: Daniel Roman
Director Link: http://danielromanfilm.com/
Producer Name: Matt Ruscio

Artist Website: http://oc45sucks.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OC45punx/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OC45band
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq7fClvF3XDDmOEDlVMU6Rw
BandCamp: https://oc45.bandcamp.com/

Label Name: BirdsEye Records
Label Website: https://www.facebook.com/BirdsEyeRecords/

Song Lyrics: Hold your fire, put down your guns, we’ve made peace with our skeletons. Battles lost, battles won,
a life lived best kept on the run.
The future isn’t written and we both know we’ve barely scratched the surface and down we go.
No time for bullshit, no time for tricks. I closed my eyes, now I’m twenty-six.

Live so fast I nearly lose my grip, but that’s not a problem that I need to fix.
The future isn’t written and we both know, like asteroids, we’re spinning with no control.
The future isn’t written and we both know, we’ve barely scratched the surface and down we go.

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