Playboy Manbaby – “Cadillac Car” Lolipop Records / Dirty Water Records

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Playboy Manbaby – “Cadillac Car” Lolipop Records / Dirty Water Records – Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Playboy Manbaby is the contradictory soundtrack to the contemporary life experience. Grimly sarcastic yet youthfully nihilistic music that seems to crash into things with a semi-coherent deliberation that can only be generated by a group of frail but over-caffeinated and eternally anxious young adults. Playboy Manbaby is the theme song to the sentiment “what the fuck am I doing with my life?” Indecisive in both message and genre but never lacking in sheer intensity.

Director Name: Ryan Riggs
Producer Name: Robbie Pfeffer

About the Video: Embrace the false excess.

Artist Website:

Label Name: Lolipop Records (USA) / Dirty Water Records (UK)

Song Lyrics:
I woke up Thursday about 1 or 2
I don’t got anything got anything to do
I wanna brush my teeth, I need information
Turn on the TV and radio station
The world’s fucked ain’t nothing left for me
Strung out on fast-food, cigarettes, amphetamines
I think today I’ll wear tight white dress
Throw my hair in a tight perm press
I wanna Cadillac car
A new hair do
I wanna go to work and tell my boss, fuck you
I don’t like anything that anyone is telling me
They say it’s bad to have more than three felonies
I got pulled over with two hookers and a pound of weed
I don’t look sober, don’t look sober’s what they’re telling me
I shot a man cause he looked at me wrong
I feel indifferent as I have all along
I shot a man cause he looked at me wrong
I told a bunch of fucking lies in this song

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