Primal Rage – “Freedom Is A Lie” Official Music Video

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Primal Rage – “Freedom Is a Lie” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Albertville, France

Artist Biography: PRIMAL RAGE was born in ’88 , the band stopped in ’97, after twenty years of hiatus , we decided to play again together and start a new recording for a single/music video for our pleasure , in two weeks , he interest for the band starts to grow all over the world and we’ll start to play live this summer , first in our country and maybe ..all over the world 😉
this fall we’ll release our forthcoming album ‘No Cure for Hate’ (NC48).

Director Name: Norman Giry
Producer Name: Corrosive Metal Corporation / Némésis Audiovisuel

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Song Lyrics: “Freedom Is a Lie”

Soldiers of conspiracy
wishing end of democracy
keep the fight (if you) wanna be free
Anarchy !
It’s a fact of our society
so much lies about misery
every day you need to be bad
(the) worst idea : thinking you’re behind
freedom is a lie
fake , liar
In your life you’ll see the end
end of their world , end of their reign
end of their society
choice is yours !
freedom is a lie
fake , liar
speak the thruth , don’t tell no lies (x3)
Speak the thruth !
Tell no lies (×4)
freedom is a lie
fake , liar
I see the world burning down in flames
society was mean : democracy
this shit can’t last indefinitly
this, is the End !
freedom is a lie
fake , liar

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