S/l/e/e/p/e/r – “Awful Things” Official Teaser Video

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6ys7vXfWkjfjfpAkriXKhE

S/l/e/e/p/e/r – “Awful Things” Official Teaser Video

Artist city, country: it’s a secret

Artist Biography: i am s/l/e/e/p/e/r

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sleepernoises
BandCamp: https://sleepernoises.bandcamp.com/track/awful-things

Song Lyrics: “Awful Things”

You knew every line would tear you apart
I hate to know you felt this way from the start
I knew every word would tear me apart…I know

You, You have been trying to kill me
But that’s okay, I’ve been trying to kill me too
I’ve been proving wrong false alligations
almost died to protect my reputation

I’m the only thing standing in your way
am I the reason that it’s hard to stay
wash your hands, never go there again
wash your hair, never been here before

This changes everything, How am I supposed to cope now?
What friend would do this?

You won’t fade, you’re permanent

I guess, it’s all my fault

The thought of you together, absorb it just for pleasure
Let me down whenever, throw me in the river

Beautiful people do awful things, don’t worry baby, we all make mistakes

This changes everything, How am I supposed to cope now?
What friend would do this?

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