Unheard Before The Wake – “Mosh Bleed Prosper” Official Music Video

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Purchase Link: https://unheardbeforethewake.bandcamp.com/music

Unheard Before the Wake – “Mosh Bleed Prosper” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Sutton, England, United Kingdom

Artist Biography: Rising from the embers of 2 Successful EP’s and with a new ferocious frontman, Unheard Before The Wake have already taken the live circuit by storm. With a devestating new single and gigs being booked all over the UK, UBTW are taking no prisoners in their road to be heard.

With a unique mix of vocals and musical inspiration spanning decades of genres, they have a sound that can’t be matched. Throw in the harrowing and hard hitting lyrics that are both masterfully composed as well as easy to relate to, there’s a never ending intrigue at what topic the next song will relate to.

Formed in late 2013 by axe wielding brothers Dylan-Thomas Chinchen and Ryan Adams, the dual guitars fit harmoniously together like pieces of a jigsaw. With the rhythm of the group held together by the erratic Jasper Brownlow on drums and the giant scot James Claugher on Bass, they are headed up by the dominating Stuart Clench on vocals.

Having already supported the mighty Xerath, Meat Train and A Vulgar Picture, UBTW are ready to take the step up to play with any of the big boys and have the music, performance and presence to do so.
With their next release already in writing, and a thirst to perform live that’s unquenchable, Unheard Before The Wake are the band that everyone is talking about.

Director Name: Kieron Bhamra
Director Link: https://www.facebook.com/BRPlondon/?fref=ts
Producer Name: Kieron Bhamra
Producer Link: https://www.facebook.com/BRPlondon/?fref=ts

Artist Website: https://www.unheardbeforethewake.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unheardbeforethewake/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/unheardbeforethewake
BandCamp: https://unheardbeforethewake.bandcamp.com/music

Song Lyrics: Once again we are all crushed alive
By burdens of life forcing nation’s divide
Betrayed and abandoned by the ones you love
While higher powers get fatter from spilt blood
There is no salvation from this pain
Until we throw down in the pits again
Unite let our rage ignite Fury not from spite,
but for our love for the fight
Against the world now we behold
this fire inside as we collide

Shackles break we are held no more
In honor of those who fell before

Face to face brothers go to war
At peace with what we are fighting for
Ready to suffer and bleed for the cause
The 3 words that define us and now we
MOSH BLEED PROSPER against the world
MOSH BLEED PROSPER the fire inside

Through this chaos we become who we long to be
Born of rage, breaking free from the hands of tyranny
Life cannot burn out in the eyes of the truly free
This havoc births us life that we can truly breath
We will overcome life But for now bodies collide


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