Slashers – “Skatecation” Official Music Video

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Slashers – “Skatecation” Official Music Video

Artist City/State/Country: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

Artist Bio: Authentic, street born crossover skate thrash, brimming with hooks and dripping with forgotten punk melodies. You’ll find yourself singing along in seconds. Fresh out of Brooklyn and forged by members of Ramming Speed, Hightower, and Prostitution who had a need for post rehearsal skate sessions. We all know that skating and satan goes hand and hoof. You won’t rock harder than SLASHERS!

Director Name: James Schieberl
Director Link:
Producer Name: James O’Brien/Vega


Song Lyrics: “Skatecation”

Been stuck with a permanent sneer
‘Cuz I’m tired of living here
Too many kooks wrecking the mood
All the smiles gives me a rude attitude

All the empty lots
Turned into condos
I miss the sewer rats
And broken windows

Been stuck with a shit eating grin
‘Cuz I been indulging in the sin
I’m not happy, I smile but it’s fake
Skatecation – man, I need a break

I can’t take it
Feels like I’m doing time
I fucking hate it
‘Bout to lose my mind

I dug this rut
All by myself
Just playing my hand
With the cards I was dealt

Raise my rent
While you put me down
I gotta get out
Out of this town

You know what? Fuck this,
I’m going on a permanent skatecation

I’m over it, you can’t bother me
Permanently chill, living hassle free
Don’t get in my way, I’ll dash right through
I’m a fucking slasher and that’s how I do

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