Malvina – “Hybrid War” A BlankTV World Premiere Teaser Video!

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Malvina – “Hybrid War” A BlankTV World Premiere Teaser Video!


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Artist city, country: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Artist Biography: “The controversial new face of national hardcore punk. The Rio-based band have proved their quality, even in the underground, and aren’t afraid of openly criticizing the Brazilian rock scene.”
– Érica Mendes (Comando Rock)

Originally from Nova Friburgo, in the mountainous inland part of Rio de Janeiro state, the band is made up of the twin brothers Vinícius (vocals and bass) and Bernardo (vocals and guitar), and Renato Avellar (drums).
Their influences, alongside the “ABC” of punk and hardcore (Ramones, Bad Religion, Descendents, and NOFX), take in bands like Opeth, Voivod, Nirvana, Propagandhi, and King Crimson, which explains the sound they have refined over the years.
‘Hybrid War’ will come out on CD and vinyl in the first half of 2019 and will be distributed by record labels from Europe, the USA, Canada, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. Its tracks address the circumstances that led to the 2016 state coup, the destruction of national industry, and the rise of fascism in Brazil.
The band draws on the concept of Hybrid War developed by the political analyst Andrew Korybko to speak out about the strategic machinations behind the criminalization of the Workers’ Party, the use of propaganda to create schisms in society, and the destruction of the multipolar projects that were designed to give Brazil greater autonomy in its economic policies.

Song Title: Hybrid War
Album Title: Hybrid War

Director Name: Alima Produtora Audiovisual
Director Website:
Producer Name: Malvina
Thumbnail Artwork: Rodrigo Rezende


Song Lyrics: “Hybrid War”

So let’s start with that gruesome carnival
Of flowers, flags, God and sons

Class hatred abetted by a hero’s moral rhetoric
To overthrow and cast down the so called “felonious”
Sold as “the voice of the people”

Yeah, how it was strewed by the broadcast crew

Five families, more than five decades to tame
America’s backyard again

Oh, subservient South

And what about that intrepid civic role?
The riot of the yellow ones
Ridded of vandalistic impulses,
A party of revolutionist counter-rebellion!

Oh, so laudable!
From where it all began

To deep sea scraps of our guarantees and last vows
We’ve reached beneath – the already sold – layer of salt
In deep sea sinking labor rights
By a flagrant intermission to future
And 20 years from now

We see horizons closed

We see horizons closed
Police repression is the only rule
We see horizons closed
Dismantling faster now
We see horizons closed

Our heritage:

In deep sea sinking labor rights
By a flagrant intermission to future
An intermission

– Intermission –

And at their banquet to-sell loots from this hybrid war
Press, bureaucrats and CEOs make that old story rebound
How many of you remain unharmed in this prospect?

As the rings
As the sheaves deciding
As that same old tiny elite rules
Either a lousy or a beloved to come
All await
As all motion is still,
The same mainspring.

Record Labels:
Electric Funeral (BRAZIL)
Money Fire (USA)
Bomber Music (UK)
Morning Wood (NETHERLANDS)
Punk & Disorderly (CANADA)
Geenger Records (CROATIA)
5FeetUnder (DENMARK)
Ghost Factory Records & Arts (ITALY)
Mud Cake (GERMANY)
Mevzu (TURKEY)
Audioslam (CHILE)
Razor Records (ARGENTINA)

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