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Surprise Vacation – “Surprise Vacation” Our Damn Selves Records – A BlankTV World Premiere!

Artist city, country: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Influenced by both classic ’77 punk (Generation X, Ramones, The Clash) as well as late ’80s/early ’90s Chicago bands such as Naked Raygun and Pegboy, Surprise Vacation started playing shows in 2012. Based in both Los Angeles and Ventura, CA, they released a self-titled 7″ in 2013 and toured the West Coast with MOTO. After amassing enough material to record a full-length, they recorded their debut album ‘Stealing Office Supplies’ for their own label, appropriately named OUR DAMN SELVES.

About The Video: An ode to the original Twilight Zone series, and filmed at the famous Vasquez Rocks, Surprise Vacation were NOT thrown to their deaths by evil robot versions of themselves. Side note: when purchasing the canteens seen in the video, they befriended Mr. T.

Director Name: Surprise Vacation
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Label Name: Our Damn Selves Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: You, you caught me off guard
When I came into work yesterday
And you told me I was going away

Forever, You
You told me yesterday
That I was leaving without pay

Surprise Vacation
Surprise Vacation
Surprise Vacation
Vacation from

You, you made my day
There was no better way
Than to take my livelihood away

From me, But now I see
I don’t ever have to look at you again
Or pretend that you’re my friend

Surprise Vacation
Surprise Vacation
Surprise Vacation
Vacation from

Being told what to do
Following your rules
Having money to eat
Not sleeping on the street
Wasting endless time
Avoiding living life
Staring outside the window

Surprise Vacation
Eternal Vacation
Eternally on Vacation
Vacation from you

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