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Writer / Director Name: David N. Donihue

Writer Director David N. Donihue (The Weathered Underground) Stars Erik-Michael Estrada (of the boy band O-Town) David N. Donihue (The Weathered Underground, Buffalo Bill’s Defunct), JOY NASH (Twin Peaks 2017, Fat Rant), David Gorhl (Something About Mary, The Secrets Of Emily Blair), JOEY CAPONE (USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage, Toy), Elana Krausz (Ghost House, Darling Nikki), Christo Dimassis (Carbon Canyon, Casual Encounters) and newcomer Derrick Booker. Director of Photography: Alex Simon Music by Rich Ragsdale. Produced by Roger Mayer (Casual Encounters, The Rambler) and Christo Dimassis (The Oregonian).

About The Video:
Two Rival Gangs,one Black and one Latino, join forces with a mentally ill stockbroker and use street moves to manipulate the stock market. Billions, bullets and bravery follow in David N. Donihue’s high octane action comedy where the underdogs take on the system and go after those who have been playing them against each other all along.

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