The Hempsteadys – “Still Life With Woodpecker” Official Music Video

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The Hempsteadys – “Still Life with Woodpecker” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: New London, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Artist biography: The Hempsteadys, an 11-piece soul/rocksteady /punk outfit from New London, Connecticut, have released their sophomore album Séance! Séance! on August 1st, in a focused attempt at making the great American rock and roll record.
With a guest appearance by Vinnie Nobile (The Pilfers, The Suicide Machines) and mastered by Kyle Black (Paramore, Comeback Kid), ‘Séance! Séance!’ takes aim to kick the door down with unforgettable hooks, a variety of rhythms, booming bass, and boisterous gang vocals.
The Hempsteadys pull from multiple genres, melding the sounds of Bouncing Souls and Clash-style punk with touches of modern soul and the reggae beats of contemporaries such as The Aggrolites, finished by a Bruce Springsteen drizzle.
‘Séance! Séance!’ follows their debut record “El Amor De Los Muertos” a rock(steady) opera about love, friendship and mayhem, featuring classic B-movie monsters.

Director Name: Mike Rivkees
Producer Name: The Hempsteadys

About the Video: When we set out to make the music video for ‘Still Life with Woodpecker,’ our two goals were to capture the energy of our live shows, and for the city of New London to be its own character. Thus, the decision was made to drop the whole band into various alleys and parking lots, guerrilla-style, and shoot until someone complained or the cops showed up. Naturally, we assumed we’d need to get kicked out of several locations to get enough footage. Mike Rivkees, from the band Mickey Rickshaw, was super down to film it. But we never left the first location because no one ever came to complain.

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: “Still Life with Woodpecker”

We can die by the minarets
sealed in a pyramid in a pack of Camel cigarettes
like the novel you read it in
I’m filled with good lines that make all the girls cry

So if we die by the minarets
sealed in a pyramid in a pack of Camel cigarettes
on the day that you’re wedding him
I would have bet my life we wouldn’t have made it alive

when you stood with no crutch
now just like a crutch you can lean on us
like all those times that Seattle came close
but then it sank like on the back of a ghost

You were giving up
cursed the outlaw heart
we were sealed in a pyramid
break the walls apart
princess Leigh-Cheri
you know it’s free
there’s no string attached
you can’t take it back
you can’t set it off without a match

How do you make love stay?
and where does it go when it goes away?
Can it ever come back?
Can it ever set foot in this town after that?
It don’t adhere to no rules
there may be lies and oaths and bonds and truths
but all those thoughts you had of making it stay
is like a wager with a lie for some proof

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